VP Birmingham unsurprised at new research favouring human interaction vs robot

A Calabrio study in the UK shows talking to a real person can be the key to forming better bonds with customers.

Pioneers in customer experience, VP Birmingham is backing research by Calabrio into consumer loyalty. The study which surveyed 3000 US and UK subjects found consumers were 74 per cent more likely to forge a genuine connection when direct human contact was offered. With almost two-thirds favouring person to person communication, businesses mustn’t overlook human presence when introducing new communication channels. 

VP Birmingham’s Managing Director, Vasile Topciu commented on the research findings in a recent interview, “VP Birmingham believe it’s a case of supplementation to complement offline marketing endeavours, rather than engaging in a sole strategy of impersonal digital interactions with consumers.” Established as specialists in brand management, the firm offer strategies to brands which ensure their consumers have a face to face service outlet to boost customer satisfaction and encourage brand loyalty.

Customers will establish emotional bonds with businesses quicker if they can interact with a person instead of a machine, according to new research. VP Birmingham urges brands big and small to avoid the trap of believing digital, and nothing but is the key to success.  

Customer experience should include elements of digital strategy, but under no circumstances be a way of solely interacting with customers. Person to person communication is still and will always remain the most efficient way to serve and guarantee a streamlined service. Findings confirm over half of the consumers (58%) again see phone and face to face contact as the best way to connect and improve service.

When developing customer experience strategies with clients, VP Birmingham is firm in their belief that sole strategy should not revolve around automated chatbots, instead, be supplemented in, but revolve around a human presence to optimize brand power and encourage repeat business. When asked to confirm the businesses position on the research, Vasile responded, “The true voice of the customer can only be determined when considering a combination of human and digital interaction insights. Brands solely relying on a single source will never achieve optimal customer experience. Our advice to all clients, to obtain loyalty businesses, they need to consider the desire for human contact and ensure this is the basis for customer experience strategy, with additional communication platforms added to complement service. Market tests will allow companies to tap into data and analyse customer interactions across all service channels.”


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