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VP Birmingham look forward to challenges in 2020

In 2020, businesses within the customer acquisitions industry are looking to ramp up operations to combat the challenges that the new year brings. VP Birmingham looks to do the same with plans in place to keep their track record of 100% customer satisfaction intact.

“This time of year brings us challenges that we really need to focus on tackling. Consumers mindsets often change after the festive period, which makes it difficult. We have a plan set up, which has proved successful for us in previous years, and it all comes down to training our contractors, stated Mr Vasile Topciu, MD at the company.

“With our program, we have created a brand experience that has proved effective time and time again. During the coming months, we will be executing this campaign for our clients and expect to be producing great results,” added Mr Topciu.


When customers are able to see and verbally communicate with brands, the experience becomes tailored to the consumer. Questions can be answered, and the buying experience is dealt with in a way that billboards and digital advertising just can’t keep up with.


The firm believes in transparency when it comes to customer acquisitions. Through campaigns that VP Birmingham offers, building trust with customers is vital to the longevity of their relationship with the brand. By being transparent, brands can really connect and gain loyal customers for life.

Work Ethic

VP Birmingham always teaches individuals a tried and tested way of performing tasks in order to make the workflow much better. But the desire to really succeed comes from the determination and work ethic of the individual. The firm only works with those who demonstrate a desire to succeed and move forward with their careers, as well as produce the needed results.

As 2020 starts and a new year is upon us, it makes sense that businesses take a look at their practices and analyse what works and what doesn’t – especially in the customer acquisitions industry. This year, VP Birmingham is determined to grow and expand into new markets with its diverse team and effective campaigns. For more information visit their website at

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