VP Birmingham delve into advantages of being your own boss

In the world of business, being your own boss is the autonomy a lot of people crave, however, sales and marketing specialists VP Birmingham argue not everyone necessarily has what it takes.

During a recent workshop with their team of marketing aficionados, Managing Director Vasile Topciu decided to address the subject of achieving the hugely desirable goal of becoming your own boss.

The Birmingham-based firm are famed advocates of entrepreneurship, and are passionate about helping ambitious individuals reach their goals. One area Mr. Topciu was keen to explore during the meeting was the continued popularity of the UK start-up revolution, revealing one particular statistic which claimed in the last year nearly 660,000 companies have been established. This, the Managing Director believes, indicates a growing number of entrepreneurs in the UK that share a collective desire to become a business owner.

In a bid to set the record straight and reveal what steps need to be taken to become your own boss, and a successful one at that, VP Birmingham outlined the following:

Surround yourself with entrepreneurs who push you

A person’s circle of friends and acquaintances hugely impacts their productivity and motivation to succeed. Surrounding yourself with other great minds or others who have achieved goals similar to yours will improve your ability to succeed and inspire you to reach for the stars, says VP Birmingham.

Utilise today’s tools and opportunities

More than 3.5 billion people using the internet everyday, and 2.46 billion of them use social media. These enormous statistics illustrate the importance of proactively accessing the infinite amount of information available to you via the world wide web. Software and technology can elevate your business to the next level in mere months.

Become the best possible version of you

As you become a better person, you will in turn become a better boss and for this reason it is vital to be 100% clear on the desired outcome for your brand or business. Topciu explained, “Your reward for putting in the work to be the very best version of yourself, is the energy and motivation you need to grow your business!”

VP Birmingham take care of a brand’s entire direct sales and marketing needs, possessing a wealth of experience which businesses can trust. As professionals in their field, VP Birmingham will manage each and every step of the campaign from the initial consultation to the launch of a new product.


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