Vas Promotions Investigates Douglas McGregor’s Theory of Motivation

Vas Promotions Investigates Douglas McGregor’s Theory of Motivation

Understanding what it is that motivates people is necessary to build a great business claims Birmingham-based firm Vas Promotions. The direct sales and marketing experts have investigated Douglas McGregor’s theory of motivation.

In the 1960s, social psychologist Douglas McGregor developed two contrasting theories of management styles that are based on the assumptions managers make about what motivates people: theory X and theory Y. Direct sales and marketing agency Vas Promotions believes that these assumptions can have a significant influence on how the team is managed and as a result it has an impact on motivation and productivity. “As a business owner, you want to understand your people’s motivations of why they come to work every morning. This is absolutely critical in order to get the best out of them and for your business”, explains Vas Promotions. The firm investigates both theories:

Theory X

Managers of this style automatically assume that people dislike their work and have only little or no motivation. Vas Promotions explains that this authoritarian management style often comes with several tiers of supervisors and managers, as the believe is that people must be supervised and controlled, even micromanaged in order to deliver results.

Theory Y

Managers using this approach have a different perception of motivation and believe that trust encourages people to take pride and ownership in their work. Vas Promotions adds that managers who believe in this participative style think positively about their workers, focus on building trusting relationships and encourage people to develop themselves.

Vas Promotions fosters a culture of trust and supports buddying entrepreneurs to develop themselves and equips them with the relevant skills and guidance, so they will be in the position to open up and run their own business in the future. While generally Vas Promotions believes that theory Y has proven to be highly effective for themselves, the firm also admits that assumptions should not be made: “Every individual is different. Managers must consider this and adapt their approach according to people’s needs.” Vas Promotions points out that generally a positive and trusting culture increases motivation and productivity, however in certain circumstances, especially when it comes to important deadlines for their clients, theory X may be an unavoidable approach. “It is important to learn when to use what style in order to get the best out of each individual. If you know how to best approach them, you will have the ability to motivate them in any situation and they will go above and beyond for you”, adds Vas Promotions.

Based in Birmingham, Vas Promotions is an outsourced direct sales and marketing agency. The firm has become one of the industry’s market leaders and believes that one of the main reasons for their success is their company culture that inspires motivation and encourages people to achieve their goals to reach their full potential. Aiming high, Vas Promotions is planning to open up in further UK markets in the coming years. Plans to expand internationally are also under discussion.

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