Vas Promotions are taking their business on the road to meet big Q4 targets

Vas Promotions are taking their business on the road to meet big Q4 targets

As the festive season fast approaches, Vas Promotions are about to enter their busiest time of the year. As a result, the firm has revealed a commitment to run more business trips during Q4, to capitalise on increased consumer demand.

The Christmas countdown is on. In 2017, December was the busiest time of the year at Vas Promotions, seeing the outsourced sales and marketing experts achieve record-breaking results. Inevitably, the festive season sees footfall rise; therefore there is increased consumer demand, and Vas Promotions is looking to capitalise on that by running multiple business trips. The travel strategy will see the firm send handpicked groups of their top performers across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Outsourced sales and marketing experts, Vas Promotions are fortunate to have a business model that doesn’t restrict them to one location. Despite having their headquarters in Birmingham, Vas Promotions can take their business on the road. The firm regularly runs business trips all over the UK and next month they will be running a business trip to Northern Ireland.

The outsourced sales and marketing experts have revealed the main benefits of taking their business on the road.

  1. Development

During many of Vas Promotion’s business trips, they spend time working at offices of business associates, getting to observe their business practices and learning different techniques. Vas Promotions are committed to the development of their workforce, and the business trips play a crucial role in helping them to learn, grow and develop.

  1. Productivity

One of the most significant advantages of running business trips is the boost to productivity. Being in a new environment and working at new event sites in different cities provides an organic boost to productivity.

  1. Research & Development

The opportunity to take their business on the road allows Vas Promotions to expose their client’s to a new consumer demographic, as well as allowing them to test consumer demand in different locations, conducting valuable market research ahead of expansion plans.

There is a massive sense of excitement and anticipation among the firm’s workforce ahead of the Northern Ireland trip and Managing Director, Vasile Topciu is anticipating another record-breaking final quarter.

Vas Promotions is an elite outsourced sales and marketing company based in Birmingham. They specialise in customer acquisition and raising brand awareness through tailor-made face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns. They frequently run business trips across the UK, and they are committing to extra travel in the run-up to Christmas.

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