Vas Promotions review how brands can bounce back from disaster

Elite direct marketing agency, Vas Promotions review how brands can bounce back from disaster after highlighting how influential a backlash on social media can be on a brand. 

The social media era has created a worldwide platform, making it easier than ever for consumer backlash to be heard and causing brands to have to react and deal with PR crisis through compelling brand management.

Last month, US airline United Airlines (with a ‘Fly the friendly skies’ brand value) came massively under fire after video footage of security officers dragging a passenger off a flight (because they overbooked it) in Chicago went viral.  According to Brandwatch, between 9th and 11th April, United Airlines was mentioned over 2.5 million times on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with social mentions increasing by 9968% in the first 24 hours after the video was put up.  Before the incident, the opinion of the airline on social media was 91% positive which changed to 68.9% negative the day after the footage appeared.  Also, the hashtag #Flight3411 collected 547 million social media impressions.

This one example alone demonstrates the power of social media and the impact that it can have on a brand, changing an online perception from positive to negative in a matter of minutes. Social media has been made the easiest and most efficient platform for a severe customer backlash to take place and one that is influential in its nature. PepsiCo was forced to pull its new campaign just three days after the new advert was released, which goes to show just how powerful a customer backlash on social media can be.

Direct marketing agency, Vas Promotions state that during a social media backlash against a brand, it is vital to say sorry and admit wrongdoing. If a brand wants to rebound from a crisis, then they must publicly accept responsibility before moving forward to rebuild the brand’s reputation.

The elite direct marketing agency, Vas Promotions specialise in brand promotion and protection.  The firm recognises the consequence of brand loyalty in a particularly competitive business world, so work hard alongside their clients and sales contractors to ensure positive brand promotion at all times during the sales and marketing process.


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