Vas Promotions respond to the idea that salespeople should “prepare to alienate their friends.”

Sales and Marketing expert, Vas Promotions, firmly believes that it has created a friendly working culture that promotes friendship and inclusivity. However, in a recent article posted on MarketWatch, the sales industry has come under attack with a recent report claiming that those in the sales industry “ alienate their friends and family. ” This article is a significant attack on sales company culture, and Vas Promotions has in a recent statement vocalised the many reasons it believes this statement to be untrue.      

In a recent interview, the managing director, Vasile Topciu stated: 

“We promote the ideals of friendship as a core value of our company. Without camaraderie, our workforce will not gel together. A collective of sales representatives who work well with each other is better at marketing and selling. Period.”  

Vas Promotion provides its workforce with a range of avenues to facilitate friendships with their co-workers. By offering some networking opportunities and company activities, Vasile Topciu believes that his sales firms do the exact opposite of what MarketWatch claim, and instead creates an environment where friendship is most important. The article mainly argues that those within sales often alienate their friends by continually feeling as though they have to pitch to people around them, even outside of work. Vas Promotions argue that their contractors are taught, very clearly, that it is essential for their mental health, happiness and success to differentiate work and social hours to clear their mind.              

While Vas Promotions firmly believes that hard work always gets results, it also thinks that the ability to switch off, unwind and socialise is essential. Whether this is with work friends at team nights or with their social circles, Vas Promotions makes sure it offers its contractors the time to clear their minds. Coming into work with a positive mindset lays at the foundation of Vasile Topciu’s work ethic, and he believes that finding the right balance between work and play is critical. Consequently, he argues that while some sales firms might takeover their contractor’s lives, Vas Promotions wants each of its workforce to reflect the appropriate balance that is essential to sales success.          




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