Vas Promotions Put Strategies in place for 2017

As part of their growth strategy for 2017, and in light of their ongoing expansion, Vas Promotions has been discussing leadership opportunities and how to create a support network for their workforce. 

Vasile Topciu, CEO of the Birmingham-based sales and marketing firm, has revealed how he has been promoting professional development within the company. The Russian-born founder has divulged how he is more inclined to assist with the development of current members of his workforce, rather than bring in new recruits and how he hopes to move more individuals up the industry ladder to help support the continuing growth of the company.

“I believe it is in the interest of the business’ growth to help people better themselves and build on their abilities,  and I intend to do this by establishing absolute transparency between myself and my workforce,” the CEO shared.

He believes this is an important part of encouraging his workforce to have faith in the process. “I have also been providing professionals with development strategies in a bid to help them rise through the ranks.” These strategies include the theory of ‘Limiting Belief’ which promotes taking risks and refusing to allow your mind to limit what you can reach and your true ability. “I really believe in the mantra: ‘You can’t let the fear of striking out keep you from the playing the game’”, the CEO said.

Vasile Topciu has also revealed how, in the next six months, he hopes to help at least four professionals within the industry to reach a position where they can open their own businesses,   and that by this time next year he wants to have achieved ten new campaigns. In a bid to achieve these ambitious goals, the business owner is promoting the ‘Bigger Picture’ mentality and is not limiting himself.

Vas Promotions take care of a brand’s entire direct sales and marketing needs, possessing a wealth of experience which businesses can trust. The firm’s team of brand ambassadors will work seamlessly to provide any additional resources designed to build a positive brand image and increase market share.

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