Vas Promotions publish their ‘how to’ guide for eliminating negativity

Vas Promotions publish their ‘how to’ guide for eliminating negativity

It is no mystery that negativity acts as one of the key hurdles entrepreneurs have to overcome to succeed in business. Sales and marketing experts see themselves not only as a direct sales firm,  but as a collective of young professionals who work collaboratively to find solutions to any hurdles that stand in the way of their journey into entrepreneurship. 

This week, the Managing Director Vasile Topciu has been focusing on the key hurdle that can often stunt one’s professional development: negativity. He has been working closely with his contractors to ensure each of his team understands how they can eliminate negativity during the day.  

In a recent interview, the Managing Director stated: 

 I’m publishing this short guide to help boost my team’s morale, improve their sales and also nurture their development. I know from my own journey in the business that negativity can consume one’s mind, but luckily I know some simple tips that will help.” 

At the core of Vas Promotions is the idea that a positive mindset allows individuals to work at their very best. Those that think negatively often aren’t team players, don’t look to challenge themselves and in turn, fail to achieve their goals.  

The key tip Mr. Topciu highlights in the guide is one’s ability to accept failure. Once someone can accept that failure will happen in their career, it will not impact on their mindset as much. Especially in sales, Vas Promotions highlight that customer interactions will not always go as planned. The company operates on the law of averages. Essentially, the concept that a certain amount of customer interactions will always land some sales, but that not all of these interactions will be a success. In the sales industry failure is inevitable but Vas Promotions believe that individuals should not hold onto rejection in a sales interaction to diminish the negativity this can create in their minds.  

To combat negativity created by failure, the firm asks each of their contractors in this guide to focus on utilising visualisation. Essentially, visualisation involves spelling out every possible thing that could go wrong during a sale and then working out solutions to each of these outcomes. Once someone has worked out every possible outcome, they can then go into their day knowing they can bounce back and in turn put a stop to the negativity that comes from dwelling on their failures. Visualisation enables individuals to quickly combat failure and in turn eliminate failure.  

With ambitions to improve their sales targets over the next year, Vas Promotions are looking forward to seeing their contractors take on board their sage wisdom and in turn blossom into confident and positive sales representatives. 



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