Vas Promotions Outline Importance of a Healthy Work Life Balance

Vas Promotions Outline Importance of a Healthy Work Life Balance

Summer is officially here, and with many professionals looking to go on holiday the Managing Director of sales and marketing firm Vas Promotions has been highlighting the importance of encouraging a healthy and happy work-life balance within the company. 

Work-life balance is a daily effort to make time for family, friends, personal growth and self-care, in addition to the demands of the workplace. With the assistance of organisations who institute policies, procedures, actions and expectations, professionals are enabled to more easily pursue balanced lifestyles.

It is almost impossible to achieve a work-life balance without good time management skills. When a working schedule is poorly organised, and individuals find their workday dragging into precious leisure or family time, it interrupts the necessary balance. Vas Promotions Managing director Vasile Topciu understands this and has discussed how, as a company, it is essential for Vas Promotions’s workforce to feel they can pay attention to all important aspects of their lives. The company recognises the vital role they play in making sure the workforce has established a good work-life balance, and the managing director encourages his workers to take breaks – even if he doesn’t.

As it is now the summertime, Vas Promotions has highlighted how each individual must permit themselves a summer holiday wherever possible. Whether this is a holiday abroad or a short trip to visit family, the firm believes a trip away from the daily routine gives individuals a much-needed chance to refresh and relax.

The company has been discussing how hard-working professionals are more likely to crash and burn if they are not permitting themselves enough time off for themselves; with the managing director having seen this happen first hand.

“Planning time out to give yourself some downtime and escape the day to day hustle and bustle of business is wise,” Vasile Topciu explained. “In this industry, sometimes we don’t get the luxury of having a full 8 hours of sleep every night. We are forced to use our time wisely, and for that reason, everyone deserves a little refresh. A chance to escape and spend some time doing whatever you please.”

Vas Promotions specialise in personalised event marketing campaigns. The firm believes the most effective way to form a real connection with consumers is to connect with them directly at exclusive marketing venues. The Birmingham based firm connect with the relevant consumers on a face-to-face basis, implementing personalised marketing strategies in order to make the first impression a lasting one that keeps consumers returning to clients’ brands again and again.

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