Vas Promotions Investigate Marketing Week Report on the Anatomy of Top Leaders

Vas Promotions Investigate Marketing Week Report on the Anatomy of Top Leaders

Direct marketing agency, Vas Promotions contend that every great business is built on solid foundations of leadership. The Birmingham-based firm read an extensive study conducted by Marketing Week, revealing the anatomy of a great leader.

In a survey of more than 600 marketers, in 2017, Marketing Week carried out an in-depth qualitative and quantitive study, mapping out the ‘Anatomy of a Leader.’ Investigating the essential attributes of a modern leader, 86% of those surveyed believe that strategic thinking is imperative. Relationship building was second with 61%; followed by people management 60%, vision 59% and problem-solving 57%. Looking ahead, problem-solving ranked top at 77%, the ability to listen 74%, resilience 74%, people management 67% and risk-taking 67% were the critical attributes that those surveyed identified as the DNA of a marketing leader.

The survey highlighted the fact that leaders are focusing on driving strategy and using their skills to develop the next wave of talent, instead of attempting to master everything themselves, a philosophy shared at Vas Promotions. The direct marketing specialists are a hub of development. The firm’s business model encourages their contractors to become replaceable by coaching and developing others.

Vas Promotions contend that a good leader is one who inspires and empowers others. “Many leaders fall into the trap of trying to control everything and wanting to do everything themselves. The best leaders are great teachers and coaches, they give people the opportunity to take on responsibility and try new things,”  commented Vasile Topciu, Managing Director at Vas Promotions.

At Vas Promotions, they are committed to developing the next generation of industry leaders. The firm has created a culture of education, providing one-on-one coaching and mentoring, as well as weekly workshops and seminars to aide their contractors to learn, grow and develop.

“Success is rarely a solo effort. It requires the ability to build a team and to motivate and inspire people to work towards a common goal. Mastering the art of leadership is what separates the average from the extraordinary,” commented Mr Topciu.

Vas Promotions is an elite direct marketing agency based in Birmingham. They are passionate about exposing consumers to a product or service that resonates with them. They are a young firm with massive growth goals, and they recognise that establishing solid leadership foundations will be the catalyst for their business growth.


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