VAS Promotions introduce new 1 to 1 networking training in hopes of building stronger team dynamics

VAS Promotions introduce new 1 to 1 networking training in hopes of building stronger team dynamics

Vas Promotions pride themselves on being at the forefront of contractor training and has this week introduced a new initiative in hopes of unifying its workforce for the Christmas period. When establishing his firm, Managing Director Vasile Topciu chose education and training as a critical foundational value, on which he would build the reputation of his company and is confident the introduction of 1 to 1 internal networking sessions will live up to his history of innovative training.

He wants his workforce to feel comfortable within each others company and believes that one on one interviews between each professional will allow the workforce to grow closer to each other and in turn increase their efficiency in the field. He is adamant that a positive working culture is necessitated by robust communication between individuals and will be providing his team members with some questions to ask their co-workers during these sessions. The firm has released these issues in hopes they will inspire other companies in the sales and marketing industry to follow suit with this new initiative:

1)    What do you do outside of work? Hobbies, Interests?

2)    What is your biggest fear?

3)    What is your favourite place in the world?

4)    What is your biggest strength?

5)    What is your greatest weakness?

The firm put a tremendous amount of thought to the kinds of questions its workers should be asking each other, and believe these issues are most likely to prompt contractors to open up to one another. In a recent interview, the managing director, explained in more detail the reasoning behind his new initiative, stating:

“I want my contractors to look forward to their days in the field. If they know more about each other, they are more likely to create closer bonds. That’s what we want, a close-knit team set on achieving their goals. ”

This workshop will be hosted throughout the second week of November and Mr Topciu is hoping his efforts will generate a team culture that impacts directly on sales. He is keen to observe the impact of this session on the energy of his team and believes that once they gel as a team, they will be prepared to tackle to Christmas period to the best of their ability.

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