Vas Promotions host workshop on innovative leadership strategies

Vas Promotions have this week revealed that they plan to hold a workshop for their current contractors on innovative leadership strategies. While the firm primarily provides direct sales solutions through face to face marketing, they also envision themselves as an entrepreneurial collective and are invested in the professional development of those who work with them.

Vas Promotions offer a business development programme to their contractors, focusing on topics like leadership, organisation and communication in hopes that they can inspire the next generation of entrepreneurial talent. With the firm expanding every month, they are hopeful that next weeks workshop on leadership will offer members of their workforce with food for thought on how they can lead when they begin their own business. The workshop will focus primarily on strategies leaders can use to promote development if they start to go through a rough patch.

Speaking from his own experience, Vasile Topciu, the managing director and leader of this workshop stated:

“I know that business will not always go the way you want it to. But, I also know there are some interesting ways of refreshing your business when you hit this wall, and I want to communicate that to my contractors.”

In an exclusive interview, Mr Topciu revealed the core content of this workshop. He discussed the two key strategies he will be presenting to his contractors. They are as follows:

Shake up the workforce.

He argues that sometimes the individual’s leaders surround themselves with can be counterintuitive to the business. If the business is not going well, he suggests the leader asks whether they need to shake up their workforce to move forward. Leaders often keep trudging along and fail to realise that the team is not right for them.

Commit to seeing change through.

When things aren’t going well, leaders will often discuss change but fail to implement that change. Mr Topciu argues from his experience that those who stick with a plan of action and make change happen are usually more successful at pulling their company out of a problematic period than those who simply discuss. According to Vas Promotions, a leader needs the patience to both start a change and see it through.

With these tips in place, Vas Promotions are looking forward to seeing the development of their business. They understand that they exist both as providers of sales solutions but also educators of the next generation of business leaders and looking forward to continuing this commitment to their contractors throughout 2018.


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