Vas Promotions Host Workshop Focusing on Systems and Replication

Vas Promotions Host Workshop Focusing on Systems and Replication

Vas Promotions is a young, fresh and fast-growing direct marketing agency based in Birmingham. Led by Vasile Topciu, recent recipient of the Rookie Business Owner of the Year Award at the 2018 UK Sales & Marketing Awards, the award-winning entrepreneur believes that putting a focus on systems and replication is the key to business growth.

This week, Managing Director at Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu held a company-wide workshop focusing on learning and applying systems and how this will lead to business growth.

At Vas Promotions, they solely promote from within via their business development program, where graduates have the opportunity to oversee their own projects. The goal for Mr Topciu is to nurture the firm’s contractors into successful businessmen and women, simultaneously growing Vas Promotions.

Throughout 2017, Vas Promotions was responsible for nurturing young professionals into business leaders, and now almost halfway through 2018, the elite marketing agency is committed to developing the next wave of business owners, simultaneously helping Vas Promotions to extend their market reach across the UK.

Mr Topciu recognises the importance of implementing a systematic approach to learning and business operations, that once mastered, can be easily replicated in a franchise type business model.

During the workshop, Mr Topciu relayed the importance of following the systems and the importance of doing the little things right. At Vas Promotions, they have high standards, and they are proud to have developed a reputation for their ability to deliver both quality and quantity results. They invest a tremendous amount of time into coaching and training, ensuring that every one of their contractors is provided with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to represent clients with complete professionalism and transparency.

“We operate in a hugely competitive industry. We stand out from the crowd because of our high standards and our commitment to ensuring anyone who interacts with one of our campaigns not only loves their experience but returns again and again, building brand loyalty for our clients,” Stated Mr Topciu.

Mr Topciu is confident that the systems and practices in place can be easily replicated, resulting in successful expansion into new locations.

Vas Promotions is an elite direct marketing agency based in Birmingham.  They are passionate about exposing consumers to a product or service that resonates with them through face-to-face interactions, promising to target consumers in an effective, efficient and professional manner. Their objective is to expand into new locations across the UK and their commitment to focussing on systems is integral.

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