Vas Promotions host a companywide workshop on the law of attraction

Vas Promotions host a companywide workshop on the law of attraction

Sales and Marketing Experts, Vas Promotions have always focused on providing its workforce with new ways to improve themselves as entrepreneurs, through a frequent workshop. It is at the core of the company’s philosophy that business acumen does not come naturally, but instead needs to be worked for. While Vas Promotions primarily offer direct sales and marketing services to clients, it also envisions itself as a producer of young entrepreneurial talent. The firm’s business development model focuses on providing everyone in its workforce with the adequate training needed to prompt professional growth. It wants its contractors to excel in sales but also grow as leaders, become organisational experts and excel in communication.  

This week Vas Promotions is hosting a company-wide workshop on the law of attraction: a concept thrown around in sales circles but often severely misunderstood. The managing director, Vasile Topciu, believes that he acts as a living example of the mechanics of the law of attraction and thinks his success in the sales industry is tied to his use of this simple tool. Instead of this, he is attempting to teach his workforce the hidden secrets of the laws of attraction.      

Essentially, Mr Topciu defines the law of attraction as the ability to focus on the positives in life to bring positivity into the workplace. By channelling positivity and charisma, an individual will attract positive people towards them The critical secret the firm believes its workforce is missing is that the law of attraction is only successful if they put in the work. The firm argues that its contractors won’t attract anything if they are sitting on the couch and have no desire to work. Vas Promotions pushes the idea that the law of attraction works if a person’s work ethic is aligned with their passion. Vas Promotions implores its contractors to ignite a passion for sales to achieve success in all aspects of the business and in turn attract positive people to their sides.   

“2018 is the year we make a huge impact on sales,” claims Mr Topciu. He wants each of his contractors to invest time into the law of attraction to see each grow and transform into a beacon of positivity in the workplace.   




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