Vas Promotions Host Companywide Workshop on the Art of Negotiation

Vas Promotions Host Companywide Workshop on the Art of Negotiation

Mastering the art of negotiation is vital for both personal and professional success. Birmingham-based direct marketing specialists, Vas Promotions held a companywide workshop on the subject.

Award-winning entrepreneur and director at Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu led the workshop, sharing his top tips for becoming a master negotiator.

Never go first

“Negotiation is a like a game of poker, you don’t want to show your hand first,” commented Mr Topciu. The entrepreneur explained that it’s important to know what the other person has before making a move. “Going second in a negotiation is a position of power, that way you know what the other person wants, and you can tailor your opening offer,” stated Mr. Topciu.

Body Language

What someone says with their body language can be just as effective as oral communication. During negotiations, it’s crucial to adopt power poses to exude confidence. Open with a firm handshake, shoulders back and standing tall.


“If you want to get the best deal, never settle for the first offer, always make a counter-offer,” argues Mr. Topciu. In sales, the first offer is normally referred to as a “low ball.” Primarily, the first offer is merely testing the water and won’t reflect the genuine and final offer someone is willing to make.

Be willing to walk away

There can come the point where a deal reaches a stalemate, and neither party is willing to budge, and that’s when it’s time to walk away. “If you’ve not reached a deal that you’re happy with, you have to be willing to walk away,” declared Mr. Topciu.

Silence is golden

People naturally want to fill silences as they can be awkward, however, when it comes to negotiating, silence is golden. “Once you’ve made an offer, stop talking. Embrace any silences and let the other party digest the offer before countering it,” explains Mr. Topciu.

Mr. Topciu is urging the firm’s contractors to implement those five steps during their next negotiation. The award-winning business owner contends that mastering the art of negotiation will prove to be beneficial in both personal and professional pursuits.

Vas Promotions is an elite direct marketing agency based in Birmingham. They are passionate about exposing consumers to a product or service that resonates with them. The young firm is committed to the development of their contractors and director, Vasile Topciu frequently hosts educational and motivational workshops and seminars.


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