Vas Promotions highlight the undervalued traits needed for business success

Some traits are considered to be imperative for success; ambition, work ethic and motivation, however, Birmingham-based Vas Promotions believe there are many undervalued traits that are crucial for business success.

Vas Promotions a Birmingham-based sale and marketing firm are looking to develop entrepreneurs in the local community alongside their client commitments.  From offering free workshops to mentoring individuals, the company has built a reputation in the area for impacting local talent.  Often people will refer to the key traits of successful people, and Vas Promotions want to share their top undervalued traits of a business man or woman to offer a competitive edge over others:

  1. Mindfulness – When going about the day to day runnings, it is easy to lose sight of what’s working and what’s not.  By practising mindfulness, there will be excellent opportunities to learn from shortfalls and replicate successes.
  2. Solid Speaking Skills – it is a good idea to practice at any opportunity the ability to look at a situation objectively, communicate an opinion while being able to take on board another viewpoint.  Practice debating and public speaking skills will improve dramatically.
  3. Insatiability – adding personal value will require an innate drive to developing new knowledge.  With experience comes confidence and with confidence comes creativity.
  4. Decisiveness – Leaders need to be in tune with the facts, sometimes there will be no time to collate them all so practice decisiveness, it won’t always work out, but take the chance to learn why, and decision-making skills will improve each time.
  5. Consistency – Understanding that attention to the basics is how success was achieved.  When the basics aren’t taken care of, the foundations in which success was built on weaken. Jeopardising the stability of the business.  A good leader ensures all the basics are taken care of to stabilise the business model.
  6. Coachability – Not everyone is good at taking criticism, however, to develop and advance it is a fundamental quality that should be harnessed.  Embrace learning opportunities and understand that improvement comes from change.

Based in Birmingham, Vas Promotions is an outsourced direct sales and marketing agency. The firm has become one of the industry’s market leaders and believes that one of the main reasons for their success is their company culture that inspires motivation and encourages people to achieve their goals to reach their full potential. Aiming high, Vas Promotions is planning to open in further UK markets in the coming years. Plans to expand internationally are also under discussion.


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