Vas Promotions highlight the importance of maximising sleep quality for better results

Vas Promotions is a strong advocate of treating one’s body like a temple. With a plethora of experience in the field, managing director, Vasile Topciu understands the importance of getting the simple things right and is this week focusing in on the importance of sleep and its fundamental nature to performance. The firm is keen for each of its workforces to come into the workplace with a positive mindset, with the energy necessary to reach or exceed targets and professional goals. The firm confirms that success in the field is built on strong sales tactics, stamina and confidence to approach new customers. 

In a statement on the future of the firm, the Managing Director stated that: 

“I want to see each of my workforce performing to the maximum of their capacity, and from experience, I know that we need to treat our bodies like temples to function to the best of our ability.” 

In hopes to provide its workforce with the appropriate advice so they understand how important the quality of their sleep is and what they can do to improve it, Vas Promotions is revealing essential advice.  

The first tip it is giving to its workforce is to structure their sleeping habits. Essentially the firm argues that once an individual gets into a stable sleeping pattern, they are more likely to adjust to falling asleep at that time and therefore know that they will get a specific amount of sleep per day.   

Following this, Vas Promotions advised that its contractors transform their room into a sleep-inducing environment. It has been proven that individuals sleep better in cool and clean rooms. While days in the field can often be long, Vas Promotions is imploring its workforce to find time to organise both their schedules and the environment they control outside of work. By structuring their sleep and creating a positive sleep-inducing environment, they are sure their workforce will reap the benefits and come into the work feeling fresh and ready for the day.  

This focus on rest acts as one pillar in a programme of workshops built on how contractors can take control of the things they can and try not to worry about those they cannot. With the New Year looming, Vas Promotions want to hit the field with a solid sales and marketing force set to exceed this year’s sales success. 


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