Vas Promotions Focusing on Travel to Boost Productivity and Development

Vas Promotions Focusing on Travel to Boost Productivity and Development

Having recently taken their business on the road, visiting six cities across the UK, direct sales and marketing specialists, Vas Promotions are focusing on travel to boost productivity and development.

In recent weeks, Birmingham-based Vas Promotions have sent out business trips to Cornwall, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Penzance and Torquay with the objective to boost productivity and development.

The direct sales and marketing specialists are fortunate to have a business model that doesn’t restrict them to one static location. They have the ability to take their business on the road and expose their client’s products and services to new consumers in different markets.

Managing Director, Vasile Topciu recognises that travel can have a tremendous impact on productivity as well as helping people to learn, grow and develop.

1/ Exposure to new consumers

Being able to take their business on the road, Vas Promotions can reach a new consumer base. Reaching a new target audience is one of the leading advantages of running business trips as it has a massive impact on productivity and results.

2/ Networking Opportunities

One of the most significant benefits of travelling is meeting new people, which provides tremendous networking opportunities. During their business trips, the contractors at Vas Promotions spent time with like-minded professionals at different marketing agencies across the country. The trips enabled them to build new relationships and expand their network.

3/ New Experiences 

Travelling to new locations breaks up the monotony as people are exposed to new environments and experiences. Sometimes, people can fall into the trap of being stuck in a rut of the daily routine, hitting the road and travelling to new locations lets people break the monotony and gain a fresh sense of enthusiasm.

4/ Develop teamwork skills

At Vas Promotions, they select a core group of 4 to 6 top performers and rising stars to go on each business trip. Travelling as a group helps people to collaborate and grow as a team efficiently.

5/ Leadership

When travelling, people are forced to make decisions and work with the people around them. Leadership skills are often developed as people step up and rise to the challenge.

6/ Learning opportunities

At Vas Promotions, they believe that continuous learning is imperative for success and studies contend that entrepreneurs believe that travelling can provide an advantage in business. A Brightpark Edu-Travel report found 94% of business leaders in America believe travel experience directly translates to a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Vas Promotions is a Birmingham-based direct sales and marketing firm with a proven track record of delivering quality results. They have big goals for 2018 as they look to establish themselves as an industry leader and they believe that focusing on travel will have a tremendous impact on productivity and development.


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