Vas Promotions discuss their top tips on how to maintain motivation when the odds are against you

Vas Promotions discuss their top tips on how to maintain motivation when the odds are against you

With the Christmas period around the corner, Vas Promotions wants its contractors to maintain their motivation to exceed targets. The firm understands that the Christmas period can often overwhelm sales representatives as the plethora of sales opportunities can place vast amounts of pressure on individuals to improve their targets. However, in light of this stressful period, Vas Promotions is providing its contractors with some techniques to maintain their motivated attitudes to maximise their takings from the Christmas period.

The Managing Director, Vasile Topciu, this week has released a statement on this initiative. Stating:

“I want to see my workforce excel during the Christmas period. People are more likely to spend, and we need to maintain the highest levels of motivation to improve our sales averages.”

With motivation at the core of Vas Promotion’s Christmas push, the firm has this week released its top tips for maintaining motivation:

1)    Put your goals into writing and keep them close.

The company holds this advice close to its core values, believing that planning is everything and gives young professionals the advantage in a business environment. It advises its workforce to make sure they have their weekly, monthly and annual goals written out and easily visible every day so they can stay on track their progress.

2)    Surround yourselves with support.

Vas Promotions go out of their way to provide the structures needed to support their workforce, but they also argue that their workforce need to surround themselves with support outside of the work environment. Whether this is through loved ones or friends having a support network will allow individuals to stay motivated by having an outlet to vent their frustrations.

3)    Make time for yourself.

The firm also wants to change the misconception that sales firms push their representatives to work without breaks. Vas Promotions believe this is wrong and is asking its sales representatives to take time off when they feel they need to. The company wants each of their contractors to plan their breaks, both during their time at work and also their holidays to maintain their motivated work ethic. Vas Promotions is confident that the perfect balance of rest and work will keep contractor’s minds in a stable place in which they can maximise their targets.

With these tips, Vas Promotions is confident that its workforce will maintain their motivation despite the pressures present during the Christmas period. The firm is looking forward to continuing its growth throughout Q4 and is looking to 2018 with an optimistic outlook.



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