VAS Promotions discuss the pitfalls of digital marketing

VAS Promotions discuss the pitfalls of digital marketing

VAS Promotions is a firm believer that the media has overhyped the importance of digital marketing in the modern age. There is no denying everyone is linked to the internet in some way or form, whether this is through their smartphone, laptop or tablet individuals are exposed to online advertising every day. That being said, the firm is a strong believer that people are becoming disheartened with online forms of advertising and instead warm to more traditional methods. As an expert in face to face marketing, Vas Promotions is confident that it can provide clients with the ROI they need through marketing with a more personal touch.   

In the light of recent market research, the firm is now moving into 2018 with more confidence that a face to face approach will be recognised as a marketing staple, and slowly regain its position above digital advertising trends. The research agency Smart Insights revealed that click-through rates are currently at an all-time low at 0.06% per ad placed online. Companies in the US are slowly beginning to realise these pitfalls with ad expenditure having fallen to 13.3% in 2017. With this in mind, Vas Promotions is hoping that UK companies will begin to recognise their online marketing failings and look for a more tailored approach to gathering new customers.  

The firm is preparing for growth in 2018 and is hoping to take on a range of new clients looking for a guaranteed ROI. In preparation for this potential growth, VAS Promotions is streamlining its current workforce with a plethora of training workshops on engaging sales techniques. The firm wants contractors to move forward knowing that their customer communications are optimised for maximum efficiency in the field and hope they take on board each piece of advice they offer to see genuine improvement.  

Moving forward, the firm is excited to see the development of both the business and contractors that make it up. Vas Promotions has re-affirmed this week that while sales remain at the forefront of its financial development, the people behind those purchases are most important to them. As the trend toward digital marketing begins to fade, the firm is looking to capitalise on a range of new clients with an expert sales force ready to maximise client investment. Source  


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