VAS Promotions discuss the importance of setting stratospheric goals

VAS Promotions discuss the importance of setting stratospheric goals

After Elon Musk last year famously announced his plans to colonise Mars, the sales and event-marketing firm, VAS Promotions have been discussing the importance of setting mammoth goals, even when they may seem out of this world.

Despite being a hugely successful entrepreneur and inventor, many thought Musk’s goal was too farfetched and unattainable, even for the Tesla Inc. CEO. This sparked an interest in VAS Promotions Managing Director, Vasile Topciu who discusses the importance of setting stratospheric goals and overcoming doubters in order to succeed.

A number of studies have been conducted to discover the science behind goal setting and how best to achieve targets. Key aspects of setting an effective goal state that it must be specific, time-bound and easily measurable. The act of making a  goal target-specific helps the individual to keep focused.  Mr Topciu states that setting a large goal puts smaller goals into place and makes them more attainable.

VAS Promotions understands how goal setting in the workplace can ignite motivation and a sense of achievement when targets are met, a practice that is engrained into the company culture.

Dr Edwin Locke’s 1960s work explores this concept in more detail, depicting that 90% of goals that are set with specifics including challenging aspects led to higher performance and goal achievement over easier, and “do your best” goals. Locke’s three primary characteristics of a successful goal consist of; Specifics that improve the performance of employees, relevant feedback that motivates employees towards goals and that the more specific and difficult a goal appears, the harder staff work to achieve it.

VAS Promotions actively encourage their contractors to achieve their goals through a number of internal procedures consisting of offering comprehensive training, individual mentoring, daily productivity workshops and business development.

Managing Director Topciu states “I want VAS Promotions staff to imagine the impossible, and work hard to achieve their goals and be successful young professionals”. The firm understands that it is not always the success behind achieving a goal but the journey it takes to get there that can be just as beneficial to the individual.

The firm is hopeful that their contractors will utilise the skills learnt at such training sessions in order to set stratospheric goals and become successful leaders within the sales and marketing sector.



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