Vas Promotions discuss their commitment to entrepreneurship and business development.

Vas Promotions believe that its commitment to entrepreneurship and business development differentiates the firm from a vast array of startups. The company has two pillars of its business, direct selling and the development of its contractors. While at first recruits are required to work on the frontline of customer service and in-person marketing, they are also provided with a massive array of guidance on how to run their own businesses. The goal for Vas Promotions is to help generate the next generation of young professionals, and believes its business development pipeline is helping to do this. 

Vasile Topciu, the Managing Director, recently released a statement outlining the reasoning behind the development model:  

“I want to incentivise my workforce, give them something other than financial gain to strive towards. Whether this is long term or short term, providing incentives is essential to how our business operates.” 

Mr Topciu understands the importance of creating incentives within the workplace and utilises the opportunity to travel and network with leading sales professionals to prompt his workforce to exceed targets. However, while incentives are useful tools, his daily workshops on entrepreneurial development act as the long-term incentive. As individuals demonstrate their ability to perform in the day to day, Vas Promotions give them more opportunities to lead and eventually implore them to establish their own business with the guidance of a mentor. The firm provides its contractors with voluntary opportunities to learn the foundations of sales and marketing, but also business management, covering the fundamentals of financial planning, consumer trends, leadership skills and how to approach and form professional relationships with clients consumers. 

Moving into 2018, Vasile Topciu has reconfirmed his ongoing commitment to this approach and is looking forward to helping see a range of young professionals develop into confident leaders. Throughout 2017, Vas Promotions was responsible for nurturing young professionals into business leaders and believe that the combination of its long-term business development opportunities and short-term incentives provides the optimum structure for the progression of its contractors and the business itself.  


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