Vas Promotions discuss why the 10X rule is so essential to the business model.

Vas Promotions discuss why the 10X rule is so essential to the business model

Vas Promotions pride themselves on creating a business model that promotes individuals who go the extra mile. The firm wants each of its contractors to come into work with the belief that they are going to exceed targets every day. When Vasile Topciu the managing director of Vas Promotions created the firm, he built the business on the 10x rule. A rule coined by Grant Cardone in 2011. Essentially, Mr Cardone pushes the idea that to truly succeed an individual needs to be working ten times more than they think they should be. Going the extra mile is fundamental, among other things, to Grant Cardone and this week Vas Promotions have released a statement on how it intends to integrate this theory further into its business development opportunities throughout 2018.      


As a direct sales and marketing firm built on a commission structure, Vas Promotions knows that its contractors get only as much out of the job as they put in. Once they have gone through the initial guidance from their peers, a contractors financial and professional gain is defined by their ability to perform in the field. Unlike some sales firms, Vas Promotions is a keen proponent that its workforce needs to be looking to exceed their sales targets continually and firmly believe that once they begin to think in the ways taught by Grant Cardone, they will start to do this.                


In a recent workshop, Mr Topciu outlined some of the most important lessons that can be learnt from the business guru: 


Massive thoughts must be followed by extensive actions   


Goal setting has always been fundamental to contractors at Vas Promotions. However, moving into 2018 Vas Promotions want to see its workforce begin to set huge goals and follow them with massive actions.  


Any Goal is going to be difficult to achieve, and people will inevitably be disappointed along the way when they experience difficult times.  


While Grant Cardone often comes across as aggressive in his approach to business. Mr Topciu argues that he offers a reasoned approach. While he believes one should set massive goals, he implores individuals to realise that failure in business is inevitable. Vas Promotions wants contractors to go into 2018 with tremendous goals but realistic and rational mindsets of what they can achieve. Failure is inevitable, but business moves on and Mr Topciu believes his workforce need to understand this if they are going to succeed.     



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