Vas Promotions director Vasile Topciu is proof that age is just a number

Vas Promotions director Vasile Topciu is proof that age is just a number

At just twenty-one years old, Vaile Topciu is the Managing Director of his own company and the recipient of the 2018 Rookie Business Owner of the Year Award. The award-winning entrepreneur is proof that age is just a number.

Mr Topciu entered the sales and marketing industry at 18, with a background in retail, having previously worked at Solestrader and Jack & Jones while studying, the business owner already possessed some of the vital traits for success in the industry. During his two years in the retail sector, Mr Topciu developed excellent communication and people skills and gained valuable customer service experience. The Vas Promotions director transferred those skills into the sales and marketing industry, and he believes those skills helped him to climb the ladder and accelerate his career, seeing him open his own business just eight months later.

His rapid rise through the ranks led Mr Topciu to concur with the philosophy that age is just a number. The award-winning entrepreneur is urging people not to be defined by their age or use it as an excuse for why they can’t do something.

“There was a lot of things I loved about the industry when I first started, the fact the progression was criteria-based, which meant I controlled how quick I progressed and what money I made, rather than being judged on my experience and age,” stated the business owner.

A study by MIT found that the average age of start-up founders is around 42. Vasile Topciu bucked that trend, opening his own company while he was still a teenager.

Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he started Facebook from his Harvard dorm room. Steve Jobs was 21 when he launched Apple from his family’s garage. David Karp was 20 when he began his microblogging site, Tumblr.

Mr Topciu is urging the firm’s aspiring professionals not to be limited by their age. He is inspiring people to embrace their youthful exuberance and fresh ideas and apply themselves to exceed expectations and prove the statistics wrong.

Vas Promotions is an elite direct marketing agency based in Birmingham. They specialise in customer acquisition and raising brand awareness through tailor-made marketing solutions. Managing Director, Vasile Topciu is proud to have created a culture where people learn, grow and develop entirely based on individual merit.


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