Vas Promotions delve into the four ways they are planning to create entrepreneurial spirit in their company.

Vas Promotions delve into the four ways they are planning to create entrepreneurial spirit in their company.

Vas Promotions envisage themselves as both a sales firm and as educators of the next generation of entrepreneurs. They are keen to inspire a degree of entrepreneurial zeal within their firm to motivate their workforce to climb the ladder of the sales industry.  

The company have two aspects to their business model. First and foremost direct sales and marketing, providing direct customer service to increase the levels of customer acquisition. The second part of the business is to educate the new generation of sales entrepreneurs regardless of their background and experience. The end goal of the firm is to create a strong workforce of aspiring young, hardworking entrepreneurs.  

Vas Promotions follow four key methods of developing and nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit within their workforce. They understand that entrepreneurship is a mindset and not a position. The term “entrepreneurs” is no longer held by the owner and founder of a company. A recent study found that 85% of professional millennial consider themselves as entrepreneurs.  

The firm is always looking to encourage innovation. Innovation is hands down the best way to ensure that a company stays competitive and continues to grow. One way to keep innovation alive is to welcome, encourage, and pay for innovative thinking from the workforce. This translates into letting their contractors spend their efforts on projects that they feel would benefit the company.  

A further way in which Vas Promotions creates an entrepreneurial spirit is through welcoming in healthy competition amongst their workforce. By working collaboratively, the workforce can push each other to be more productive and produce much stronger work and far better results.  

Vas Promotions are always searching for candidates people an innate entrepreneurial spirit. While the firm understands that entrepreneurship can be developed, it’s easier and more efficient to bring people onboard that already have it. Entrepreneurial individuals are those that have a strong desire to learn, take risks and share. They are only interested in gaining experience, rather than being given access to specific tools.    

The importance of motivation in business cannot be understated. Motivation is important because it is the psychological catalyst professionals and business owners require to reach the goal. Motivation is incredibly important within a business environment; it will have a huge impact on the mental and physical reactions of professionals. 

Highly-motivated individuals are far more willing to work harder to get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible, thus resulting in much higher levels of productivity. This, therefore, has an impact on increased revenue, savings on cost and sees companies experience higher professional satisfaction rates.  

Professionals that have lower levels of motivation will more often than not work much slower, with absolutely no regard for productivity nor efficiency, and as a result, will end up costing the business more money 

Vas Promotions are passionate about exposing consumers to a product or service that resonates with them. The company deliver the best impact through their face-to-face interactions, promising to target consumers in an effective, efficient and professional manner. 






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