Vas Promotions CEO Encourages Entrepreneurs to Embrace Their Inner Bookworm

Vas Promotions CEO Encourages Entrepreneurs to Embrace Their Inner Bookworm

With a library full of knowledge, it is vital that individuals maximise their spare time on literate that will encourage growth.  Vas Promotions urge entrepreneurs to pick up a book and embrace their inner bookworm.

Vas Promotions CEO is committed to personal and professional development, determine to source inspiration and knowledge daily his current read is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!  The book is designed to educate readers on financial independence and maximising wealth.  The author Robert Kiyosaki is a self-made millionaire businessman, investor, self-help author and motivational speaker. He’s the founder of the Rich Dad Project and has an estimated net worth of $80m.

Vasile Topciu CEO of Vas Promotions has been enlightened by the book and has found it insightful about success and making a profit.  His business and personal life has seen some changes as he follows the guidance offered in the book.  The business owner condones and encourages reading (any genre) as he believes it provides individuals with knowledge and insight on many subjects or stories which can broaden their understanding of their real world and the industry. A voracious reader himself, Vas’ personal favourites are Robert Kiyosaki and Grant Cardone, having read all of Grant Cardone’s books.

From the office, there is a specified area for books to be loaned and swapped with others within the company.  The culture of the firm encourages everyone to absorb information and explore different ideas that surround becoming a success.  And the mini library and break out area demonstrates the commitment to supporting learning through literature.  The firm will continue to develop their in-office library and look to inspire everyone to pick up a book and learn something new.  A 2009 study found that reading for just six minutes can reduce stress levels up to 68%, and with stress related illnesses accounting for the majority of work absences it should be in the interest of most employers to encourage reading within the workplace.

Based in Birmingham, Vas Promotions is an outsourced direct sales and marketing agency. The firm has become one of the industry’s market leaders and believes that one of the main reasons for their success is their company culture that inspires motivation and encourages people to achieve their goals to reach their full potential. Aiming high, Vas Promotions is planning to open up in further UK markets in the coming years. The firm’s plans to expand internationally are in effect.

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