Vas Promotions Burst into September with a Range of Exciting Incentives

Vas Promotions Burst into September with a Range of Exciting Incentives

The Birmingham-based sales and marketing firm have announced their latest set of incentives, which are designed to take their team skillset to the next level.

“Rewards and incentives are key factors that help to drive productivity,” states Managing Director of Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu. As a company that believes in the importance of recognising and rewarding the hard work and success of individuals, direct marketing firm Vas Promotions provides their team of talented sales contractors and entrepreneurs with reward-based company culture.

Managing Director, Vasile Topciu believes that feeling appreciated is a crucial driver of engagement in the workplace. As such, the MD drives competition among the firm’s contractors to show them they will benefit from some fantastic rewards by working hard in the sales & marketing industry.

There have been studies and numerous surveys that indicate a link between engagement and productivity to rewards and incentives at work. Motivated workers can make all the difference to the success of a company, which is why Vas Promotions operates an exceptional rewards-based culture. The firm has just announced its latest incentives which include an R&R in Cyprus and some extreme sports activities including skydiving, quad biking and riffle shooting.

“At Vas Promotions, we repeatedly hold competitions for our team and entrepreneurs, plus incentives for achieving targets and goals,” said Vasile Topciu. “The reason we utilise a reward-based company culture is to increase motivation, engagement and productivity. Rewards and competitions also add excitement to the team, especially because we work alongside many competitive individuals who thrive within this type of environment,” added Topciu.

Competitions are commonplace at Vas Promotions because Topciu believes they are the catalyst that sees individuals pushing themselves above and beyond their reasonable limits and beliefs about what they can achieve. Vasile Topciu regularly sets competitions for dinners at top restaurants and financial incentives, but the business R&R trip to Cyprus are examples of grandeur competitions that the Managing Director is using to reward his hard-working team.

Vas Promotions goes a long way to add excitement and enthusiasm to their workforce through regular competitions and incentives. “Our reward-based company culture helps to nurture a winning mentality amongst our competitive talent pool because winning can become an addiction once you taste the sweet taste of success,” concluded Vas Promotions’ Managing Director.

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