Vas Promotions Aiming to Attract Retail Workers Affected by High Street Job Losses

Vas Promotions Aiming to Attract Retail Workers Affected by High Street Job Losses

With one of the pillars of the UK high street, House of Fraser the latest company to announce store closures, resulting in thousands of job losses, Birmingham-based Vas Promotions is aiming to attract retail workers to their business.

Managing Director at Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu has a history in retail.  Before entering the sales and marketing industry, Mr Topciu worked at Jack & Jones and Soletrader. During his two years in retail, Mr Topciu was deflated by the lack of progression opportunities and felt like he was judged on his age.

After entering the sales and marketing field, the award-winning business owner loved the fact that the company he worked with had no seniority and that pay and development was based entirely on individual merit. Mr Topciu believes that the skills he learned working in retail, dealing with customers face-to-face and acquiring valuable communication and people skills, played a pivotal role in his business progression. The Vas Promotions director transferred those skills into the sales and marketing industry, and he believes those skills helped him to climb the ladder and accelerate his career, seeing him open his own business just eight months later.

At Vas Promotions, they don’t pre-judge applicants on education or experience, as they believe that as long as someone possesses a strong work ethic, a positive and proactive attitude and a willingness to learn, they can provide them with all of the necessary coaching, skills, and knowledge to be able to transform them into a key player. However, the direct marketing and sales specialists have experience working with individuals from a retail background, and they believe that the valuable communication and people skills they acquire in retail, can be harnessed in the sales and marketing field.

“We are a people business, and if someone has excellent communication and people skills, and the ability to deliver an outstanding customer experience, they have the raw tools to succeed in this industry.” Commented Mr Topciu.

Having a background in retail, Mr Topciu recognises the experience and skills that retail workers can bring to a business and the Vas Promotions director is hoping to attract those who have been affected by the problems with the high street market.

Vas Promotions is an elite direct marketing agency based in Birmingham.  They are passionate about exposing consumers to a product or service that resonates with them. They deliver the best impact through face-to-face interactions, promising to target consumers in an effective, efficient and professional manner. Everything they do is on a face-to-face basis; therefore those from a retail background are ideal individuals to help take their business forward.


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