Vas Promotions: 4 Easy Steps to Ultimate Happiness

Vas Promotions: 4 Easy Steps to Ultimate Happiness

Even if a professional loves their job, the workplace always runs the risk of being a place where people could end up feeling stressed, overworked or unhappy. This is something that the CEO of Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu wants to avoid with his contractors. Vasile is passionate about checking in with his workforce and ensuring the culture is a happy and nurturing environment for everyone.

In fact, more and more businesses have been prioritising the well-being of their workforce. VAS Promotions believe that this can bring out the full potential of their professionals, which in turn helps the business thrive.

Vasile Topciu wants to avoid creating a workforce of “overworked, overstressed and unhappy” brand representatives, as this will inevitably come through to customers that they are in contact with.

Vas Promotions provide “a few serotonin-producing activities that can reduce stress”:

Speak daily affirmations

With individuals having to face a wealth of challenges in their professional life, it can be easy to not feel positive. VAS Promotions believe that there is a way to fix that. By using daily affirmations, VAS Promotions believe that professionals can create a feeling of confidence or happiness, which will help them succeed.


Giving is a powerful action that has the unexpected consequence of making the giver feel happy.  Small acts of selflessness can help build social connections but also generates a feeling of happiness.

Accomplish something early

VAS Promotions encourage their contractors to plan their objectives the night before, so they have a good idea of what must be completed the following day.


Quitting a certain time each day helps give one’s mind a chance to relax. It frees up space for other little things in life. A person should be in control for what is in the best interest of their mental well-being and then they will be better to tackle work days and social days.

Vas Promotions is an outsourced direct sales and marketing agency located in Birmingham. The firm has become one of the industry’s market leaders through their innovative and imaginative marketing campaign campaigns designed to build brand awareness and increase their market share for the clients in the shortest possible timeframe.


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