Overcome Self-doubt by Following Vas Promotions’s 4 Tips

Overcome Self-doubt by Following Vas Promotions’s 4 Tips

Fear and self-doubt is something that most entrepreneurs face. To help professionals overcome the barriers caused by self-doubt, Birmingham-based outsourced sales and marketing firm Vas Promotions shares its advice.  

Feeling self-doubt is common in business. In fact, even the most successful entrepreneurs experience self-doubt along the way. It is a human response to the challenges to overcome on the journey to reaching their goals. Vasile Topciu, successful entrepreneur and CEO of Birmingham’s direct sales and marketing agency Vas Promotions says: “It is essential in business to overcome any self-doubt and rebuild your inner confidence.” Vasile Topciu explains further that self-doubt means there is a lack of confidence, which is the result of missing knowledge. “ All you need to do is fill the gap of knowledge. This will automatically increase your confidence and make your self-doubts disappear”, adds Vas Promotions’ CEO Vasile Topciu.

Originally from Russia, Vasile Topciu has combatted living and starting a business in a foreign country. He explains that it has always been his dream to own a business in the United Kingdom and make it a success. “At first, I didn’t know much about the people here, the culture or regulations. It was challenging, and obviously, I had thoughts of self-doubt at certain points.” Vasile Topciu admits that by gathering as much information as possible, finding a mentor and attacking his goals, he regained confidence and hit the ground running. Vasile Topciu of Vas Promotions reveals his top 4 tips on how to overcome self-doubt.

  1. Accept self-doubt

Everyone has self-doubts. It is important to acknowledge and understand this. Success is determined by how a person deals with such feelings.

  1. Set goals

It is crucial, believes Vasile Topciu of Vas Promotions, to set immediate short-term goals, then medium and long-term goals. Short-term goals are important to celebrate little successes along the way to boost confidence.

  1. Be surrounded by like-minded people

Vasile Topciu of Vas Promotions recommends finding the right people who understand and can offer support along the way. “Surround yourself with people who are positive and who encourage you but also give you honest and constructive feedback at the same time”, explains Vasile Topciu. “Ideally find a mentor who understands or even shares your vision.”

  1. Question feedback

Vasile Topciu suggests trying the information given but to question it at the same time. “You have nothing to lose. You will only gain on experience”, he says.

Based in Birmingham, Vas Promotions is an outsourced direct sales and marketing agency. The firm raises brand awareness on their clients’ behalf, promotes and sells their services and products and builds long-lasting relationships with their clients and consumers. Their on-going success is the result of continuous development and learning to continuously overcome the lack of knowledge and achieve goals with confidence. In addition to this, Vas Promotions hosts confidence-building activities within the firm to ensure their contractors have the mental strength to succeed and push boundaries.

Over the coming months, Vas Promotions is preparing to expand into further UK markets. Plans to explore international markets are also currently under discussion.

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