“Harsh but fair” - Vas Promotions prepare for Christmas with a company reshuffle

“Harsh but fair” – Vas Promotions prepare for Christmas with a company reshuffle

Vas Promotions has in the past week streamlined its workforce in efforts to form the best possible team for the Christmas season. The firm wants to take advantage of the Christmas period, a season in which sales and marketing firms often make a lot of their profits. The sales and marketing industry is built on targets, and the business is keen that only their best performers are in the field at this pivotal moment.

With this in mind, Vasile Topciu, the managing director has over the last month streamlined his workforce into an efficient and pragmatic sales force. He recently commented on this issue stating that:

“Being selective with how we grow our business is hard, but necessary for the future of my firm. If sales targets aren’t being reached something is going wrong, and in a worst case scenario it’s down to the contractor not being built for the industry.  ”

He is confident that his interview process is rigorous enough to find those who are built for the industry, but he understands that sometimes individuals slip through who do not have the “grit” needed to be successful. He recently revealed what he looks for during the recruitment process, spelling out three key traits he thinks are essential in the sales industry:

1)    Grit

2)    Positive Energy

3)    Strong Communication Skills

He has admitted this week that while people at first may show these traits, they do not always consistently demonstrate them and this can directly impact on whether they achieve their sales targets. He is confident that a one month probation period is often needed to sift out whether people can not only consistently demonstrate these traits, but if they have genuine passion for the industry and are right for the business.

Vas Promotions provide its workforce with all the support necessary to succeed in the industry and pride themselves on providing each with the mentorship and guidance needed to prompt rapid self-development. However, they want people looking to get into the industry to understand that if they are not a perfect fit, there is only so much they can do to make sure they are moulded to fit the requirements in the industry. Like many businesses preparing for the Christmas season, they have to increase proficiency in the workplace.

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