“Why company culture matters!” – MD of Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu

“Why company culture matters!” – MD of Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu

Direct Sales and marketing specialists, Vas Promotions argue that a strong company culture is integral to maintain good morale and high productivity. The Birmingham-based firm is promoting the benefits of a great company culture.

Managing Director of Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu has worked hard to cultivate a strong company culture in order to aide the firm to acquire and retain top talent and keep the business moving forward. “Finding great people is hard, and when you do that, the next challenge is keeping those people.” Commented Mr Topciu.

Mr Topciu contends that company culture is more important than ever and that the firm’s recognition and reward culture has been integral to their continued success. Vas Promotions are proud to offer regular bonuses, incentives and prizes to acknowledge the efforts of their top performers. A new incentive that the firm has begun offering is a suit bonus. The top performer every Saturday wins a new suit “It’s something small that can make a massive difference, you’d be surprised the impact that can have,” commented Mr Topciu.

The direct sales and marketing specialists are committed to development, offering everyone who comes through their doors the opportunity to learn, grow and develop. At Vas Promotions, they contend that the key to retaining top talent is to offer opportunities for development. “If people feel like they’re stuck at a standstill with nowhere to go, it can have a significant impact on productivity and overall morale.” Stated Mr Topciu.

The last element of the firm’s strong business culture is the social aspect. The firm believes that it’s essential to maintain a good work-life balance and while they work hard, they recognise it’s important to have fun too. They have weekly social gatherings at Birmingham’s top bars and restaurants. “Social gatherings are key for helping people to relax and unwind but also to form bonds and to get to know each other both personally and professionally, helping to form strong business relationships.” Stated Mr Topciu.

At Vas Promotions, the firm takes care of clients’ entire direct sales and marketing needs. The company’s professionalism and proven track record of delivering quality results enable clients to put trust in Vas Promotion’s abilities. The firm is urging industry leaders to focus on building a strong company culture to help their business growth.

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