Vas Promotions discuss why the 10X rule is so essential to the business model.

Vas Promotions discuss why the 10X rule is so essential to the business model

Vas Promotions pride themselves on creating a business model that promotes individuals who go the extra mile. The firm wants each of its contractors to come into work with the belief that they are going to exceed targets every day. When Vasile Topciu the managing director of Vas Promotions created the firm, he built the business on the 10x rule. A rule coined by Grant Cardone in 2011. Essentially, Mr Cardone pushes the idea that to truly succeed an individual needs to be working ten times more than they think they should be. Going the extra mile is fundamental, among other things, to Grant Cardone and this week Vas Promotions have released a statement on how it intends to integrate this theory further into its business development opportunities throughout 2018.      



Vas Promotions highlight the importance of maximising sleep quality for better results

Vas Promotions is a strong advocate of treating one’s body like a temple. With a plethora of experience in the field, managing director, Vasile Topciu understands the importance of getting the simple things right and is this week focusing in on the importance of sleep and its fundamental nature to performance. The firm is keen for each of its workforces to come into the workplace with a positive mindset, with the energy necessary to reach or exceed targets and professional goals. The firm confirms that success in the field is built on strong sales tactics, stamina and confidence to approach new customers. 

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