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Boost Brand Loyalty with Vas Promotions Top Tips

Vas Promotions specialise in producing loyal customers in high volumes for their clients, and now, the firm has shared their top tips for driving brand loyalty.

As a start-up company whose ferocious approach to sales and marketing is already creating waves in the industry, the Birmingham-based specialists recognise the importance of brand loyalty in a hugely competitive business world.


In an ever-changing business climate, Vas Promotions realises their need to stay ahead of the crowd, creating innovative marketing campaigns and actioning personalised face-to-face interactions which demand people to sit up and take notice. Managing Director, Vasile Topciu, knows that impressing both existing and prospective customers and clients is imperative to successfully establishing brand awareness, and as a result of this, continued brand loyalty.

“With so many booming businesses, the dog eat dog sales industry is highly competitive and for this reason, establishing brand loyalty is vital. We believe that by using our top tips, businesses can successfully achieve a solid base of loyal customers, who have no reason to look elsewhere.”

1. Strive to educate and empower your customers

Helping people get the help or information they need, faster, is the key to empowering customers. Nobody wants to feel like a nuisance so making users feel self-sufficient consequently creates a happier customer experience.

2. Ensure representatives are doing right by the customer

Giving those in charge of customer support the tools necessary to do right by the customers might mean occasionally giving a refund or apology when something is messed up. However, by being proactive and helpful, and giving representatives the power to genuinely help, means it is easier to manage customer expectations and will improve user experience in the long-run.

3. Use technology to improve the customer experience

Data-driven personalisation has increased revenue for many brands, with research revealing a large percentage of users attribute personalisation to playing a role in their final purchasing decisions. Sales companies cannot afford to overlook technology as it has proven to be a hugely valuable tool which enables brand’s to improve their relationships with customers fourfold. By engaging consumers with data aligned for their specific preferences, brands can build a better customer experience.

4. Express customer appreciation and brand value on Social Media
Often, when a brand executive has something to say, social media has proven to be the best way to get the attention of consumers. Showing appreciation for customers on social media platforms effectively builds brand loyalty and allows customers to become loyal ambassadors, across social media channels. It is well worth taking the time to improve personalised interactions with customers, acknowledging online feedback and providing genuine, attentive replies is a great way of humanising any brand.

Vas Promotions will take care of a brand’s entire direct sales and marketing needs. Vas Promotions have the experience businesses can trust. The firm’s team of brand ambassadors will work seamlessly to provide any additional resources designed to build a positive brand image and increase market share.

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