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Vas Promotions host workshop on innovative leadership strategies

Vas Promotions have this week revealed that they plan to hold a workshop for their current contractors on innovative leadership strategies. While the firm primarily provides direct sales solutions through face to face marketing, they also envision themselves as an entrepreneurial collective and are invested in the professional development of those who work with them.

Vas Promotions respond to the idea that salespeople should “prepare to alienate their friends.”

Sales and Marketing expert, Vas Promotions, firmly believes that it has created a friendly working culture that promotes friendship and inclusivity. However, in a recent article posted on MarketWatch, the sales industry has come under attack with a recent report claiming that those in the sales industry “ alienate their friends and family. ” This article is a significant attack on sales company culture, and Vas Promotions has in a recent statement vocalised the many reasons it believes this statement to be untrue.      

Vas Promotions host a companywide workshop on the law of attraction

Vas Promotions host a companywide workshop on the law of attraction

Sales and Marketing Experts, Vas Promotions have always focused on providing its workforce with new ways to improve themselves as entrepreneurs, through a frequent workshop. It is at the core of the company’s philosophy that business acumen does not come naturally, but instead needs to be worked for. While Vas Promotions primarily offer direct sales and marketing services to clients, it also envisions itself as a producer of young entrepreneurial talent. The firm’s business development model focuses on providing everyone in its workforce with the adequate training needed to prompt professional growth. It wants its contractors to excel in sales but also grow as leaders, become organisational experts and excel in communication.  

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