6 things you must quit to succeed according to Vas Promotions

6 things you must quit to succeed according to Vas Promotions

Quitting is not a word often used by Birmingham-based Vas Promotions. However, the direct sales and marketing experts have highlighted 6 things aspiring professionals must quit to succeed.

Quitting usually has negative connotations. Most people have grown up hearing the mantra ‘Don’t be a quitter’, and as a result have stayed persistent with doing things, even when sometimes that doesn’t result in the most efficient course of action. Sometimes, quitting can be a virtue and it is important to know when quitting is appropriate.

Research from The University of Rochester has found that two types of goal motivate people; ‘approach goals’ or ‘avoidance goals’. Individuals who are in the approach category are driven by challenges while not wasting time trying to solve problems they know can’t be resolved. In short, they know when they need to quit. The avoidance goal camp will worry a lot more about failing. This type of person will avoid failure at all costs, so as a result will keep working at something even when quitting should have happened long before; also making them less productive.

Direct sales and marketing specialists, Vas Promotions highlight that knowing when to quit is a skill that can be easily learned. The firm state that people can train themselves by practising how to leave certain things, and that luckily, life provides plenty of opportunities to practice.

When on the journey to success there are certain things that a person should quit. Vas Promotions outline these as:

Quit the self-doubt: Confidence has an enormous part in a person’s success, say Vas Promotions and sometimes a bit more faith in oneself is all it takes to reach the next level. A small amount of self-doubt will have a much bigger impact on a person’s level of achievement.

Quit putting things off: As the saying goes, tomorrow never comes. Vas Promotions believe that tomorrow is just an excuse and successful individuals will make the most of the present.

Quit thinking that there is no choice: Everyone will always have a choice, so it is important to choose what to let go of and what to concentrate on doing work.

Quit doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result: Vas Promotions state that if a person wants a different result, then they need to change how they approach something, even if it means putting more work in.

Quit thinking that everything will just work out: Successful people don’t just sit back, hoping things work out, they work hard to make sure things happen. Be proactive and be accountable, say Vas Promotions.

Quit being a ‘yes’ person: Don’t be scared to say no from time to time because it is important to avoid stress and burnout that comes from spreading oneself too thinly.

Vas Promotions is an elite direct marketing agency that takes care of their client’s sales and marketing needs, delivering an unparalleled service on quality and results. The firm coach and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.  Recently, they hosted a workshop to share the six things their sales force need to quit to be successful.


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